Jack Beedham Feature Article in Motor Trader Magazine

For many people on Brisbane’s north side and particularly in the town of Redcliffe, there is one name synonymous with the automotive business Jack Beedham and that is no surprise, for the Beedham family have been involved in the industry and in the life of the town for generations -Jack’s grandparents owned the Redcliffe Pier Theatre during the war years and his father owned a service station and ran the first Holden taxi in the town.

Jack has been running his business, Jack Beedham’s Exhaust and Brake Centre, for 36 years and his interest in cars extends well beyond his work life. According to Jack’s son Bobbie, manager of the family’s business, it has become a way of life.
“We are a car family. always have been.” he says. ‘”That’s our life quite honestly!’

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