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Did you know that you can change the loudness of the exhaust on a remote? Check this out! Just a set of new tyres. And varex stainless steel mufflers so i can change the loudness of the exhaust on a remote. Another new mustang stainless steel extractors and cats to a new stainless 3 ” dual system Check our Facebook page to keep up to date with all the news at Jack Beedham’s Exhaust and Brake Centre. If you would like to discuss a new exhaust system, give us a call on 3283 1000    
The Carline Automotive & Exhaust Group The Carline Automotive & Exhaust Group is made up of exhaust and mechanical expert members from across Australia. As a group we are able to offer nationwide warranty on our products and services, as well as the highest quality parts and exhaust components, at the best retail prices. Each independent Carline Automotive & Exhaust store operates a fully equiped workshop and provides standard and performance exhaust systems and fitment, as well as custom exhaust work. Carline has its origins in the USA under Tenneco Automotive. The concept was then brought to Australia in the
  Here is a great article on why you should regularly service you vehicle. Head to MTAQ for further reading.   Why you should service your car regularly MTA Institute Trainer, Jeff Mann has had his classic 1956 FJ Holden Ute since 1971. Purchased by his father for $120 at the time, together they spent five years restoring the vehicle to its original glory. And today, 51 years on and after a lot of continued care, the car remains in pristine condition. The care Jeff shows to his vehicle along with regular services and engine checks, goes to show that
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The Beedham family has been running this company since 1981 and, as a locally owned and operated business, know exactly what customers want; personal service for their car, expert care and attention to detail, and all at affordable prices.