Performance Enhancement

Our dedicated mechanics have a wealth of experience in providing performance enhancements and modifications. We can recommend many ways of producing more power for your car or 4WD from better exhaust flow to performance chips and computer turbo boost kits.

Not only can we make your car run more effectively, but we can make it stop better, improve handling and look better using many difference techniques, giving your car that individual sound, look and performance.

Catering to all Makes and Models

We can cater to the latest models of cars as well as the old classics such as the wonderful 1970’s muscle cars, imported Mustangs, Corvettes and Camaros.

We have a large range of High Flow catalytic converters and we make up Custom Turbo Housing and Dump Pipes for all turbo vehicles including Landcruiser, Hilux, Nissan Navaras and all turbo diesels, as well as high performance Japanese Racers like Skylines, 200sx, WRX and Supras.

There is no one that will do it cheaper than us and still guarantee high-quality parts and servicing.


Exhaust systems require professional and dedicated care and attention to ensure they function at their best capacity. We provide cost-effective solutions to ensure your car performs properly whether it is a standard road car or high performance vintage vehicle.

From the general repair of a muffler or pipe replacement, to exhaust improvements covering a wide range of extractors and sports system components, we are the only place you need to call.  We can also take care of catalytic converter replacement and custom bending of exhaust pipes to fit any model.


We supply top-quality products from many big brand names.


I have been going to Jack Beedhams for 8 years and have nothing but the best to say about everything they have ever done for me. I have had many cars over the years and what others can't do, Jack Beedhams can! I have gone from putting complete motors put in, to mags, tyres, brakes, exhausts and so many other things, and all my services are done by Jack Beedhams also.There's nothing that they can't do. They have always been extremely accommodating to all my needs even at short notice and have never disappointed me in any way. Even when I have had to use someone else in emergencies because of the distance I now live, others don't live up to the quality of service and price that Jack Beedhams give. I personally would like to thank Jack Beedham and especially Bobby Beedham for once again coming to my rescue and fixing another situation for me. Bobby is always on the other end of the phone whenever I need expert advice, and will help any way he can, nothing is ever too much. Jack Beedhams is a place where anything and everything can be done, you don't have to go anywhere else, they have done for me what no other mechanic would do without putting a huge price on it. Everyone works well together and is a very well organised organisation, the staff are just the best by far, you're always made to feel welcome, and staff like Rowan knows their business. No matter whether I have lived, down south, local or up north like now, I will always go to Jack Beedhams for anything I need as I know I can trust them completely for price & workmanship. I again would like to THANK Jack and Bobby Beedham for all the work they have ever done for me, and I will keep coming back. Everything you have done for me is so much appreciated. AGAIN THANKS TO EVERYONE AT JACK BEEDHAM'S.

Ingrid Carvolth


The folks at JBE take the time to explain things that the average person can understand.



Jack was very helpful with my 4-inch Xforce exhaust on my Falcon Xr6t ute.

Ford falcon


Job done well every time, cheap, fast, friendly staff and knowledgeable.

Joshua Shedden


Workshop is huge and is in a great position with plenty of parking, staff are friendly, prices and quality of work are great!

Tim Sheehan


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