Avoid A Holiday Breakdown!

Have the team at Jack Beedham’s run a vehicle safety check before you head off on your holiday!

A road trip for the holidays can be stressful for both you and your vehicle. The best way to keep your car from making the trip one you wish you didn’t take is to keep it properly maintained. There are several things you can have your local car mechanic at Jack Beedham’s do to ensure that your vehicle is safe for a long road trip. Here are a few main tasks that will help keep you safe and get you to where you are going with little problem.

Jack Beedham's Vehicle Servicing

Check Your Vehicles Tyres

The tyres your vehicle rides on are crucial. Tyres with low tread are dangerous in that they make braking difficult and depending on the road conditions, may cause your vehicle to slide or skid. Ask the professional auto service technicians at Jack Beedham’s to examine your tyres, including the spare, to confirm they are properly inflated, do not have excessive or uneven wear, cuts, or embedded nails as these all can develop into leaks.

Are Your Vehicles Fluids Topped Up?

The last thing you need on a long holiday road trip is to discover that your vehicle has just run out of windshield wiper fluid the moment you need it most. A quick check of all fluids under the hood, with top-ups where needed, will prevent this scenario from coming true. Ask the auto service specialist at Jack Beedham’s to look over the windshield washer fluid reservoir along with the engine oil, coolant, and any other vital fluids your vehicle requires.

Jack Beedhams filling the car fluids

Your Vehicles Lights need To Be Working!

There are a lot of lights in and around the average car. From headlights and tail lights to indicators, dashboard, and interior lighting. All of these should be in good working order so that you can see where you are headed and that others coming at you or following you can see your vehicle. The auto repair team at Jack Beedham’s will take a look and replace any of the lights that require changing.

Can You See Through Your Windshield?

Having plenty of windshield wiper fluid is just part of the equation to improve your road vision. Before you embark on a long holiday trip, you should give all windows a clean on both the inside and outside. By doing this yourself, or leaving it to the crew at Jack Beedham’s, you will be able to drive with confidence knowing that dirt, debris, and grime will not block your view of the scenery, or that exit you are trying to locate.

Jack Beedhams rain on the windscreen

Put A STOP To Squealing Brakes! 

If you hear squeaking or squealing sounds each time you tap the brakes, there could be a problem with your vehicle’s brake pads. Worn pads make stopping your vehicle difficult and could become a danger if left unchecked. Jack Beedham’s is one of the local brake shops you can trust. Before your road trip, have them inspect your brakes and top up your brake fluid level as well if it is needed.

Insurance – Don’t Leave Home Without It!

This may not be top of mind and isn’t up to your local car mechanic to sort out, but one of the best safety nets you can have when you head out on a long road trip of any kind is proper auto insurance coverage. Depending on where your destination happens to be, current roadside assistance, such as RACQ can make a lot of difference if you encounter any type of mishap that can come your way. Having additional coverage is a good way to travel.

Relax And Enjoy Your Holiday Drive!

This is another tip that does not directly involve your auto service team, although the guys and girls at Jack Beedham’s are pretty laid back! The best way to avoid getting stressed out about your holiday travel plans and the trip is to leave home early. That way, if you do end up behind slow traffic or decide to take a meal break along the way, you will have time up your sleeve to do these things. Driving anywhere with just minutes to spare will add to your stress and prevent you from enjoying the trip.

The holidays are stressful enough. Don’t add to that with pressure coming from your upcoming holiday road trip. Let the wheel alignment and auto service experts at Jack Beedham’s give your vehicle a complete inspection before you head out on your trip. They will check all the things that could go wrong and will either repair or replace them. Book an appointment today so your holiday travel plans run smoothly. Contact Jack Beedham’s today!