Servicing & Safety Certificates

Unbeatable Automotive Servicing in Redcliffe

We have the skills, experience, qualifications and knowledge to cater to your entire vehicle’s servicing needs. From a free safety inspection to an oil change, tune up, fuel injection service, fluid flush, timing belt kits, water pumps or a log book service, we have the best equipment and people to get the job done properly and efficiently.

Keeping You Roadworthy

We are an approved roadworthy inspection station for all cars and trailers and all general mechanical repairs are carried out by a qualified technician to ensure nothing is overlooked. We stock only the best brand names so our customers have total peace of mind your vehicle will run smoothly and any statutory warranties will not be affected. We do car, light truck and trailer safety certificates.

CV Joints And Tail Shafts

Front wheel drive cars will always require CV joint work, from a broken boot that needs replacing to a new assembly available for common cars or rebuilding of your own unit. We also stock and sell new outer assemblies. Our new or exchange CV joints units boast a two-year or 40,000km warranty. We offer free testing of your vehicle’s CVs and boots to avoid further damage and can replace your uni-joints or have your tail shaft balanced or shortened.

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