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Why You Should Have Your Logbook Auto Service at Jack Beedham’s and Maintain Your Manufacturer’s Warranty!

There is a reason why you should maintain your logbook servicing for your new or used vehicle. In most cases, it is to keep your vehicle warranty intact. But mostly, if you follow your logbook and get your vehicle serviced when it is due, you keep your vehicle in good running condition. This is because the service centre doing the work will be checking on many different parts of your vehicle, checking several operations and functions to identify problems long before they become an issue, and repairing them before they happen.

It is just a part of taking good care of your vehicle so that it remains reliable and safe on the road.

Car Maintenance Log Book

What Is A Logbook?

This is the actual book that came with your vehicle that outlines the different types of services that your vehicle will need over time. It should indicate the timing of these services related to the number of kilometres that are recorded on the odometer. The logbook is filled out by your mechanic at each servicing interval. It contains enough space for notations of what has been done during the vehicle service and any observations that may require attention sooner than later. By bringing your vehicle in for regular servicing, we can ensure that it is in good running order that meets the specifications of the vehicle manufacturer.

What Does A Logbook Service Include?

At Jack Beedham’s our certified mechanics will provide each of the services that are listed under the current servicing interval. For example, at 25,000 kilometres, your logbook will outline several things that your vehicle should have checked, replaced, or repaired. This will differ from vehicle to vehicle, but the logbook for your specific vehicle will spell out what is needed for your vehicle at this interval. At Jack Beedham’s we will perform all the services listed by your vehicle manufacturer and tick them off once completed to show that they have been done.

One of Jack Beedham's mechanics Servicing a vehicle's engine

Will A Logbook Service At Jack Beedham’s Void Your Vehicle Warranty?

Absolutely not. The reason for this is that we use the same quality parts that your dealer does, and we perform the required service under the same strict guidelines that your dealer must follow as prescribed by the manufacturer of your vehicle. The only real difference is that instead of going to your dealer, you are getting the same service done at your local, independent auto service centre. Oh, and there is going to be a price difference which is going to point in your favour when you have Jack Beedham’s doing your logbook servicing. In other words, our work will likely cost less than your dealer.

What If I Don’t Have A Logbook?

Depending on the age of your vehicle, there may or may not still be a warranty in place. We can help you determine the specifics of your vehicle. Regardless, each vehicle has a set service schedule that is linked to the number of kilometres it has logged. Even without a logbook, older vehicles require regular servicing to keep them safe and in good running order. We can help you keep your vehicle on the road with a regular maintenance program tailored to your specific vehicle. Call us today for further information on how we can work together to keep your car running well.

Jack Beedham's Service Centre

Doesn’t Jack Beedham’s Just Do Exhaust And Brakes?

No, at Jack Beedham’s our certified mechanics are qualified to perform any servicing your vehicle requires. Our auto repair shop contains all the current equipment that you would expect to find in a service centre. As already stated, we use the same quality parts that your car dealer has access to and have qualified mechanics who have completed the same educational requirements as any other certified mechanic. For servicing of any kind for your personal or business vehicle, turn to the experts at Jack Beedham’s. Whether it is for exhaust, brakes, or any of your logbook servicing needs.

To Sum It Up

Your vehicle must have regular maintenance to keep it in top running condition. To maintain your vehicle warranty, you should keep up with your logbook service schedule. We can do all of that for you. For logbook service or any automobile service, call the certified mechanics at Jack Beedham’s today!

By servicing your car regularly, you make it operate better, safer, and extend its life. Also, if you choose to sell your car, by keeping it well-maintained, you will add value to the cost of that vehicle. If you are seeking 4WD servicing in Redcliffe or any type of vehicle service, contact us at Jack Beedham’s today. Click the book a service button or fill in your details below to schedule your next visit.