Should you upgrade your suspension before towing a caravan?

This is the perfect time of year for throwing some supplies in the car, hitching a caravan to the 4WD and taking off on a big adventure.  

But before you go, we recommend getting your suspension checked at Jack Beedham’s. Your vehicle suspension needs to be safe and meet the necessary legal requirements to tow your caravan. 

Additionally, if you haven’t changed the suspension since you bought your 4WD, it may require a suspension upgrade. 

There’s always a lot to consider when you’re planning a getaway, but you should also put a suspension safety check on your to-do list. 

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Understanding your vehicle suspension 

If you look under your vehicle very often, you probably don’t know what’s going on with your suspension. But you can definitely feel when something isn’t right with it! 

Suspension absorbs the impact from potholes, rough terrain and dirt roads. It also helps with cornering and braking, preventing the car from rolling. The spring system keeps the wheels on the road when you drive over a rough surface.  

Your suspension system has many interconnected parts including springs, shock absorbers, ball joints and more. These parts all need regular checking and replacing over time. If even one part is damaged or worn out, it can put the safety of you and your passengers at risk. 

When you need a suspension safety check!

You should get your suspension checked regularly, but also watch out for potential problems between checks. You’ll know there’s an issue if you feel every dent in the road or not totally in control of your vehicle.  

You might hear unusual noises or your tyres may wear out unevenly. Your vehicle might sag in the back when you’re towing your caravan or loaded up with gear. It might also bottom out on even the smallest bumps.  

Ignoring these signs can be extremely dangerous, especially when you’re towing a caravan. 

When you bring your car in for a suspension check, the friendly staff will ask you a host of questions about how you use your vehicle, what type of weight you put on it and how frequently you go off-road. 

We will then check every part of the suspension system for damage and signs of wear and tell you if anything needs replacing. Our mechanics may also take your car for a drive to feel and hear the car’s performance for themselves. 

Once the mechanic knows how you use your car – and intend to use it in future – they might recommend that you upgrade your current suspension system. 

Do you need a suspension upgrade?

When you bought your vehicle, it came with an original suspension system, which met the requirements for driving mainly on paved roads. But if you want to do more than cruise on a highway, you may need to upgrade your suspension to an ‘aftermarket’ suspension system.  

The original suspension is usually lower, so it may not clear hills, rocks and bumps. It may not be suitable for heavier equipment and towing a caravan weighing upwards of 2 tonnes 

Lifting the suspension system and upgrading its components will give you a better and safer driving experience. Your vehicle will corner better, tow your caravan more easily and take more weight. 

Suspension upgrades for towing are very common and worth every cent. The type of upgrade you need will depend on many factors, including: 

  • what terrain you will drive on 
  • how often you go off-road 
  • how much weight you will add to the car (e.g. camping gear, roof racks, bull bar and caravan towbar) 
  • the caravan’s weight 
  • how much comfort you need – because everyone deserves a comfortable ride! 

There are different types of systems for different uses and scenarios. Don’t worry, you don’t need to figure out what you need yourself. Get advice from the professionals. 

Book in your suspension safety check!

Before you hitch your caravan to your vehicle, make sure you’re meeting your legal and safety requirements to ensure a safe trip with no unexpected hiccups. Get your suspension checked for any problems and, if necessary, upgrade to a more suitable suspension system.  

We can give you all the advice you need. Call Jack Beedham’s today to book in a suspension safety check.