The Benefits Of Regular Car Servicing

Should you service your car regularly? Here are a few good reasons why you should!

There are several practical reasons why you should service your car regularly. Although there is a cost for each time you take your vehicle to the shop, the other side of the coin is that regular maintenance on a car will save you money in the long run. At Jack Beedham’s Exhaust and Brake Centre, your one-stop for 4WD servicing Redcliffe, we believe that a well looked after car runs better and gets you to where you want to be more efficiently.

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Save Money By Servicing Your Car Regularly

As we stated above, there is always an initial cost to servicing your vehicle. However, when your car runs correctly, it will save you money in many different ways. For example, with proper tyres and the correct wheel alignment, your fuel costs will go down. That is because your car will not be wasting fuel pushing your car forward. With tyres set to the correct pressure and wheels aligned the vehicle does not have to work so hard to move forward.

Plus, when servicing a vehicle at Jack Beedham’s Redcliffe regularly it is less likely to break down. When a car breaks down, this usually results in a tow truck service cost plus repair costs to fix whatever the problem was that caused the car to break down. Also, with a proper car muffler from Jack Beedham’s, your vehicle will be compliant with current legislation related to greenhouse gas emissions keeping the environment clean and safe for everyone.

Keep You And Your Passengers Safe By Servicing Your Car

By servicing your car here in Redcliffe with Jack Beedham’s, you keep the warranty maintained on the vehicle which is a long-term safety feature should something happen that requires warranty service. By keeping up on regular servicing of your vehicle, you keep your car safe for use whenever it is needed. Safe, and well-maintained vehicles are better on the road than those that are neglected. With regular servicing, your car is less likely to have an accident.

There Are Other Benefits To Servicing Your Car with Jack Beedham’s in Redcliffe

When you take your car to a service centre with regularity, you are also extending the life of that vehicle. Each service results in your car being brought back to top condition. When your vehicle is performing at that level, it will work better and there will be less wear and tear on parts that are left over time to malfunction. This is why following a regular service schedule is so effective in keeping your car on the road and operating well.

When your vehicle is receiving regular servicing, it also gives you peace of mind. You know that as soon as you strap on your seatbelt and insert the ignition key that your car will start and will not give you a problem. This reduces your stress and makes you a better driver as a result. 

Drivers who have their vehicles regularly serviced are also the kinds of people you would want to be around. That is because they are responsible, considerate, and caring. By taking good care of your vehicle, it shows that you have these traits. It is a great responsibility to keep your car safe for road travel and the only way to do this is to have it professionally serviced from time to time. Each vehicle has a specific service schedule to follow.

Probably one of the greatest benefits to keeping your car properly serviced is realized when you get to the point where you want to sell that vehicle. Maybe you are looking for something bigger, or something newer. Regardless of your reason for selling your car, because you kept it properly serviced, you have helped keep the value high on that car. As a result, you will earn more selling it than you would if you did not have it serviced regularly.

By servicing your car regularly, you make it operate better, safer, and extend its life. Also, if you choose to sell your car, by keeping it well-maintained, you will add value to the cost of that vehicle. If you are seeking 4WD servicing in Redcliffe or any type of vehicle service, contact us at Jack Beedham’s today. Click the book a service button or fill in your details below to schedule your next visit.