Why you should service your car regularly

MTA Institute Trainer, Jeff Mann has had his classic 1956 FJ Holden Ute since 1971. Purchased by his father for $120 at the time, together they spent five years restoring the vehicle to its original glory. And today, 51 years on and after a lot of continued care, the car remains in pristine condition.

The care Jeff shows to his vehicle along with regular services and engine checks, goes to show that keeping on top of the servicing schedule really does wonders in ensuring the length of a vehicles life.

Today, lifestyles seem to becoming increasingly disposable in many aspects with studies showing that the average person will upgrade a vehicle every five years or less. But for those who prefer to avoid the time, money and energy spent getting a new car, there is another way. As proven by Jeff, servicing and taking care of your car regularly with a licensed mechanic will do wonders if extending the life and worth of your vehicle.

Details in your owner’s manual can tell you exactly how often you should be servicing your car. But for older models, a rule of thumb is to have your car serviced every three months, or 5,000km at an absolute minimum. For newer vehicles the guideline is every 10,000km between services. It’s a no-brainer that servicing your vehicle regularly is something your car will thank you for in the short term, but the overwhelming positive outcomes from keeping on top of this will benefit you in more ways than one.

Firstly, it will save you money each week. Natural wear and tear can lead to a significant loss of efficiency over time, meaning your vehicle will steadily require more fuel to travel the same distance. Servicing your vehicle regularly will ensure that both big and small issues are picked up before they can impact your bank account too harshly.

Safety is another key component in the value of having a regular service. Car features that are often taken for granted such as lights, breaks and tyres will be checked and upgraded if need be. This will give you peace of mind on your own safety, your passengers and those around you.

As demonstrated by Jeff and his gorgeous FJ, servicing regularly will also help you avoid unexpected, expensive engine repairs, prevent damage and increase the lifespan of the engine.  And finally, if you’ve serviced and logged your car regularly (with a reputable mechanic) when it does come time to selling your vehicle, you’ll ensure you get the best.