TRED 115MM Mounting Pins With Nut (Pair)

SKU: T2SP115


Additional product details

The TRED Threaded Mounting Pins are designed to easily and securely mount your recovery boards to your vehicle, trailer or caravan. The unique design will mount up to four TRED GT, HD or Pro model recover boards or two of the TRED 800/1100 model recovery boards while allowing the option of a padlock for added security.

What's included:

2 x TRED 115mm/4.5" Threaded Mounting Pins2 x TRED Securing Nuts2 x Stainless Steel M6 Button Socket Head Cap Bolts2 x Stainless Steel M6 Washers (12mm / 0.47" O.D.)2 x Stainless Steel M6 Washers (17mm / 0.67" O.D.)2 x Rubber Spacers (Grommets)